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Referral Program

We love our users and are extremely thankful when they are spreading the word about Nostromo. So we reward every referrer with credits. Every Nostromo user is provided a unique referral link that is used to securely track your progress each month. Simply share your referral link with your friends, colleagues and audience and we'll keep track of the rest.

The Prize:

Refer a friend and get your team a one time $5 credit for everyone who signs up thanks to you.

Credit balance & Referral link

To access your credit balance and your referral link simply click the "Refer Friends" icon «icon picture» at the top right in your Nostromo account right next to your profile picture.

Once your referrals qualify for credit your credit balance will be automatically updated.

The program starts on 27th of April.

What counts as a valid referral?

Every person who registered in Nostromo via your unique link with a valid email address. (Inviting people to your own team does not count as referral).

How to claim your credit?

Every month on the 5th we will refund you money equivalent with the your actual credit balance. So your task is to wait for the money to arrive :)


We value the hard work our users invest to teach usage, and share or promote benefits of and our engineers have developed a robust system for detecting and tracking cheaters. Users who refer fake or invalid signups will be flagged and disqualified.